BCM50/200/400/450 Password of the Day Generator

BCM50 R1 uses Algorithm Version 1, and R2, R3 R5, and R6 use Version 2. Does not work for BCM200/400/1000 prior to Release 3.7. Works for BCM400 on Release 4.0 (and therefore probably also the BCM200 though untested). Works for BCM450. Note that this will only work on BCM systems which use Element Manager, not the NT based systems (which can be broken into using LockSmith) which use Unified Manager.

Algorithm Version V1 V2
User ID:
System ID:
System Date: (DD/MM/YYYY)
Challenge Key:
Date Format: UK (DD/MM/YYYY) USA (MM/DD/YYYY) Canada (YYYY/MM/DD) (We have had a number of people having problems, so we've added a few options here to help.)

The root password for all BCM Linux systems is li69nux :)